Consider using Guided Imagery and Laughter exercises as a way to prepare for surgery.

Guided Imagery for Surgery

Research has shown that working with relaxing images and visualizing positive surgical outcomes enhance the immune system and creates an internal environment for healing. One insurance study showed that patients who listened to a guided imagery audio of “Successful Surgery” by

Belleruth Naperstek ( had such improved outcomes that the company saved over $2000/patient. There are also many other excellent resources for surgery preparation here.

Laughter Yoga and Preparing for Surgery

Because of the profound ability of laughter to bring us into the moment of the laugh and provide a temporary break from our anxiety and worry, Laughter Yoga exercises are ideal for dealing with the stress of surgery. In addition laughter provides many health benefits such as boosting our immune system, exercising our lungs and providing increased oxygen to our body.

Click here for more benefits of Laughter Yoga.

Preoperative Laughter Yoga Exercise & Affirmation

Try the following exercise before surgery:

Inhale, (stretching up with your hands over your head if possible...while saying to yourself):
“My Surgery Will Have the Best Possible Outcome.”
- Exhale with laughter coming down.
- Repeat 5 times.
- Continue to repeat this exercise at least 5 times a day.

Affirmations can be changed to include other statements such as:
Inhale, “Any Pain I have will be Well Controlled."
Exhale laughing.
Inhale, “I Know how to Focus on my Breathing to Stay Calm."
Exhale Laughing.
Inhale, “I Know How to Breathe & the Breathing Always Helps Me."
Exhale laughing.

Create your own tailored to what helps you feel the most reassured and calm!

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