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A Laughter Yoga session is a group of people gathering to practice laughter as a form of exercise to obtain the health benefits and have fun. We don’t use jokes or comedy but Laugh for No Reason! Intentional laughing can enhance your mood and enliven your path to health. Even if you don’t feel like laughing, laughter is so contagious most people will begin to laugh spontaneously during the session.

benefits of laughter yoga

1. Helps brings more oxygen & balance to your breathing chemistry
2. Decreases your stress hormones
3. Enhances your immune system
4. Enhances the release of serotonin (a natural antidepressant)
5. Helps circulate lymph fluid
6. Exercises your abdominal muscles
7. Can increase endorphins, your natural pain killers
8. Exercises the cardiovascular system; increases heart rate
9. Can help lower blood pressure
10. Movement exercises enhance the flexibility of your joints
11. Provides a laughing supportive community

Click Here for Reseach and Media Regarding these Benefits!

what happens during a laughter yoga session

A Laughter Yoga session:

~Begins with brief socializing and a discussion about laughter
~Easy warm-up stretches
~Yogic breathing; laughing with the exhale
~Laughter "games" or exercises which encourage our childlike playfulness ~Laughter meditation (a prolonged period of laughing at your own pace) ~Ending with a quiet meditation

(Please note all Laughter Yoga sessions can be done seated.)

Cost: Free Children are welcome to join the session. At the end of the session, parents please play with children apart from quiet meditators.

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Taking laughter yoga To the Hospital/Clinic

Currently I am using Laughter Yoga with patients 1-on-1 on a medical unit and in the Cancer Resource Center at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco, CA. These patients are of all ages and suffer from a variety of medical conditions, cancer strokes, pain, failure to thrive, lung disease, infections and many more.

For many of these patients, their conditions are potentially life-threatening or chronic and they may have limited support. Bringing Laughter Yoga to the hospital has been a tremendous opportunity to connect using laughter and to bring moments of joy to many of these patients who have not had anything to laugh about for a long time.

Doing simple laughter exercises, such as the HO HO HA HA HA exercise, has been extremely successful in breaking the doldrums and depressed moods that many patients endure during their hospitalization. Laughter is so contagious that soon the nurses and staff begin to giggle! Now, we’re all getting the wonderful health benefits of laughing and developing a community with each other through our laughter. Patients feel a renewed sense of connection with themselves and their nurses through a shared laugh as well as much needed moment of lightness.

Laughter Yoga to Prepare for Surgery

One of my life passions it to help people be more prepared for surgery. Teaching a class twice a month at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco, CA has convinced me that doing Laughter Yoga exercises prior to the surgery and again postoperatively (when given the OK by your doctor) can relieve anxiety and stress around surgery. It provides an excellent and fun way to exercise the lungs for the stress of surgery, anesthesia and postoperative recovery. Click here for a Laughter Yoga Preoperative Exercise.

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